Other Works
The cat box is a hollowed out brick with legs and lid in mahogany. The brick naturally obtained these colours when dipped in crystalline and fired. The box including the lid is 21 cm wide, 30 cm long and 25 cm tall.
The cloud speakers. These speakers look like clouds hanging under the ceiling or like two sets of drums. They are in iroco and the right speaker measures 50 cm high, 90 cm wide and 35 cm deep. The drums of the left speaker have the same dimensions as the other.
The octopus mirror is in beech, with 6 inbuilt sea blue lamps the shape of octopus cups and two carved octopuses in the bottom corners. It is 110 cm wide and 85 cm high.
Sculpture hangers in mahogany 30 wide and 25 cm deepThe wire sculptures made by Massimo Beraldi
Mobile of walnut boats and a mirror frame