Brick and wood panels
Brick panels of a woman with chickens, of two women picking hay and of three people in a hostaria. Height 75 cm, width 55 cm. The motifs are inspired by old rural life in Tuscany, Italy and the brick inlay is of 100-200 years old terracotta also from Tuscany. The inspiration for the panels came from all the broken pieces of terracotta at our country house near Volterra, Tuscany. The panels are mounted on a thin concrete slap and can be incorporated in a wall or put in a frame. They are fully resistant to be outside in all kinds of weather.
Brick panels of a woman milking a cow and with a cat and a hunter with two dogs.
Brick panels of a two hunters carrying a wild boar and with a dog and a man with to donkeys.
The woman with chickens and the ostaria scene in situ
Some brick panel incorporated into or hugged to walls.
Wood and brick panels of Amira and Jing and of Debbie, Bam and Gigetto. Height 85 cm, width 65 cm. This panel is mounted on wood with a wood frame. The figures are in terracotta with a bag ground in wood. Brick panel of a man with a hoe and a woman with a child.
Debbie and Bam's panel at work at Debbie's martini with Bam olives bar and woman making bread.
Brick panels of a Shepard with his sheep, of a woman making butter with a cat and of man with a hoe and woman with a child.
Woman and man arm wrestling, man with a pack horse
Two blacksmiths at work, couple resting, hunter with two dogs and tree
Man resting, Amira painting and chimney sweep
The olive pickers and the sheppard and sheep in situ